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Ann, Armagh

I have been so blessed by unique pieces of Tilly-Lu Christian Jewellery. I have a bracelet with the verse “All God’s promises are yes and Amen.” During the really tough times in life I wear this bracelet to remind me that everything is going to be ok.. God is faithful!


Zion, Carrickfergus

I love Tilly Lu jewellery with all of my heart, I adore the heart of the people behind it and how they love their heavenly Father who inspires each piece. I got a beautiful, round, antique gold necklace that said “This is my command Beloved;

Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God us with you wherever you go.” I wear this necklace pretty much everywhere I go as my shield, as my declaration for the day I’m about to face, I’ve worn it to job interviews, church events, lunch with friends, dinner with family. My necklace fits into every situation and keeps me grounded with Gods word and promise for the rest of the day. The piece is so captivating passers-by admire, ask about what it says and every time I can tell them and myself, that I should be strong and courageous, that God is with me and the person asking wherever we go. It serves as a great reminder for me. I love how even in Proverbs it is a command to tie/wear God’s wisdom around your neck. These pieces fulfill that scripture in a modern, fashionable and spiritual way. I would always recommend these pieces of jewelry to people to get as gifts or for themselves.

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